What Is Grant Management Software

Grant management and accounting software has become a popular alternative to spreadsheets and other home grown systems for non-profit tracking of proposals and funded grants.  Our grant management software application, Grant Administrator, has been around since the mid 1990s and was initially designed by principal investigators and their research administrators.  Due to the ease of use, affordability, and reporting capabilities, it quickly received a reputation across the country as a popular solution for tracking pre-awards and post-awards among a wide variety of non-profits.  It also was well received for the user-friendly reports which many of the larger, more expensive central systems did not offer.

Over the course of the past two decades, more powerful grant management and accounting software features for tracking proposal status, pre-award and post-award related tasks, personnel effort, salary, fringe, expenditures, and overhead were added in addition to a wider range of reporting options, making Grant Administrator popular especially among a larger variety of non-profit professionals other than principal investigators and research administrators.  Professionals with titles such as grant manager, departmental administrator, non-profit business manager and sponsored programs officer also began using it.   Due to the flexibility of the product, some professionals choose to use this grant management software for very simple data management while others implement if for more complex data management.

Today, one can find Grant Administrator as the program of choice for grant management software in a wide range of settings in addition to universities and hospitals.  These include research institutes, transportation departments, police offices, museums, school districts, and non-profit agencies at local, state, and federal levels.  There is both a file server version and a web based version allowing users to securely logon from any location.

Grant Administrator’s biggest advantage over competitive grant management software is that it is intuitive, affordable, and the end-user does not require extensive training courses to get up and running.   The file server version has a great user’s manual that steps the user through data entry and the web based version has video tutorials that does the same.  Customer support is also readily available to help the user with any issues.

Thank you for visiting our web site and please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or to explain what your data management and reporting needs are so that we can assess the appropriateness of the product for your use.

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